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Speaking Christian 

Why Christian Words Have Lost Their Meaning and Power — And How They Can Be Restored, by Marcus J. Borg

Mercy, righteousness, salvation, Rapture. What do these words really mean? What did they mean when they were used by the Bible writers? Over the summer we will consider what Christianity’s important words originally meant and how that varies from how they are currently used. Marcus Borg, theologian, member of the Jesus Seminar which focused on the historical Jesus, and author of 19 best-selling books says that Christian words and phrases have become distorted and virtually stripped of their biblical and historic meanings. What does that mean for your beliefs and how you live your life? 

Have you ever been asked if you are ‘saved’? What does it mean to have ‘salvation’? If you had to draw a picture of God, what would it look like? In June, we will discuss Salvation, God, and God’s character. Please join us at 9:00 in the Parlor for a topic that piques your interest, or every week. You don’t have to read the book to participate, but if you want to do so, copies are available online - or if you have a library card, the book is available free online through hoopla.

Our schedule for the summer is as follows.

06/09/19, Chapter 1. Speaking Christian

06/16/19, Chapter 3. Salvation

06/23/19, Chapter 5. God

06/30/19, Chapter 6. God’s Character

07/07/19, Chapter 8. The Death of Jesus

07/14/19, Chapter 9. Easter

07/21/19, Chapter 10. Believing and Faith

07/28/19, Chapter 11. Mercy

08/04/19, Chapter 12. Righteousness

08/11/19, Chapter 13. Sin

08/18/19, Chapter 14. Forgiveness and Repentance

08/25/19, Chapter 16. Born Again

09/01/19, Chapter 18. The Ascension

09/08/19, Chapter 20. The Rapture and the Second Coming

09/15/19, Chapter 21. Heaven

Annual Renewal Retreat at Isle of Palms

 The annual renewal retreat at Coastal Retreat Center, Isle of Palms, SC will be held September 2-8, 2019. Come for the entire week, or just a few days! Mark your calendars now!  Details and registration forms will be coming soon! Direct questions to Kathy Bupp at katbup@yahoo.com

Retreat Reservation form 2019 (pdf)