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Glitter Ash Wednesday



Glitter Ash Wednesday demonstrates that LGBTQIA+ Christians and our ALLIES are passionate about our faith, and about seeking justice and wholeness for LGBTQIA+ communities and other marginalized people. Reformation Lutheran Church invites you to participate in one or more of our planned events,  and to share these with your friends and family.

Ash Wednesday, February 26

  • NOMA Bistro, N. Main St. & Confederate Ave. 7:00 - 9:00 a.m., Drive Thru Ashes
  • College and Sumter Streets, adjacent to USC campus, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  • Reformation Lutheran Church, 1118 Union St. at 7:00 p.m. Ash Wednesday Service

“Always remember, from dust you were made. To dust you will return, but you have been marked with the cross of Christ forever.”

For the Children


Children's Sunday School:
Sunday School for preschool and school age children meets every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Lessons are a combination of coloring activities, Bible verses, crafts, and songs. Many thanks to all the volunteers who have taught classes over the summer during Jill's recovery. Contact Sabra Custer at shsaprn@gmail.com if you are willing to volunteer to teach a Sunday until Jill is back with us. We miss you Jill; come back soon!

Children's Worship:

Saran Hasinger has been a blessing with her energy and leadership as we launched a Children's Worship program back in mid-June. We have had at least 5 children participate each Sunday since beginning this program! Children's Worship is available to all children from first grade until they are comfortably able to remain in worship with adults. Saran's natural talents are shining as she leads the older children in singing, Bible verses, and relevant lessons each Sunday. Children's Worship lasts about 30 minutes, commencing after Children's Chatter. We coordinate to bring the children back to the sanctuary toward the end of the service so that they may rejoin their families and participate in communion as desired. Sabra Custer is coordinating volunteers and scheduling for Children's Worship. Contact her at shsaprn@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering or have questions. 

Meals for The Family Shelter


Reformation members and friends meet together and support homeless families in the Midlands by bringing dinner to and eating with about 35 Family Shelter residents each month.  We provide dinner on the third Saturday of each month, and have a very flexible process:

  • Early each month, interested volunteers are emailed the suggested menu and can indicate dishes they would like to prepare. 
  • Volunteers meet at the Family Shelter (at 2411 Two Notch Road, Columbia) by 5:30 on our Saturdays with their ready-to-serve (purchased or home-made) dishes, serve at 6:00, eat with residents, clean up the kitchen, and are usually done before 7:30.

The upcoming meal schedule is:


We have learned from Shelter residents how tenuous our living situation can be, and how encouraged and sustained those working to get back on their feet are by our meals and visits. 

The Family Shelter provides emergency shelter for up to 90 days for up to 17 families at a time.   While at the Shelter, families:

  • Participate in weekly Case Management meetings and Parent Education classes
  • Agree to adhere to shelter rules and guidelines which include weekly chore assignments
  • All children living at Family Shelter attend school or are enrolled in daycare if they are not school age. 

The Family Shelter is part of the continuum of care provided by Homeless No More. Homeless No More also offers Transitional Housing at St. Lawrence Place, a 30-home community offering support services, life skills training and up to two years of housing for families experiencing homelessness, and Live Oak Place provides affordable housing to at-risk families, helping them bridge the gap from transitional housing to independent living. 

To volunteer for a meal, or for more information, please contact Ginny Eiwen at gineiwen@gmail.com

Why are you Lutheran?


 Why are you Lutheran?  How do we approach differences in beliefs among the many faiths and denominations? 

The Adult Sunday School class will be using the book Honoring Our Neighbor's Faith:  A Lutheran Perspective on Faith Traditions in America, Revised Edition to look at selected Christian and non-Christian traditions active today in the United States.  We will explore up to 32 faith traditions that represent a wide spectrum of beliefs or stand out due to their size or public profile in America.  We'll look at their key teachings, worship patterns and practices, how each is governed and how they compare with the Lutheran tradition.  This is an excellent chance to learn more about other traditions and about the Lutheran Church as well.  Please speak with Sarah Trani, Ginny Eiwen, or Dot Jeffcoat to learn more about the class and getting a copy of the book, or join us on Sundays at 9:00 in the Parlor to learn more.